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"Sonhar é acordar-se pra dentro"
Mario Quintana

“Writers don’t make any money at all. We make about a dollar. It is terrible. But then again we don’t work either. We sit around in our underwear until noon then go downstairs and make coffee, fry some eggs, read the paper, read part of a book, smell the book, wonder if perhaps we ourselves should work on our book, smell the book again, throw the book across the room because we are quite jealous that any other person wrote a book, feel terribly guilty about throwing the schmuck’s book across the room because we secretly wonder if God in heaven noticed our evil jealousy, or worse, our laziness. We then lie across the couch facedown and mumble to God to forgive us because we are secretly afraid He is going to dry up all our words because we envied another man’s stupid words. And for this, as I said, we are paid a dollar. We are worth so much more.”

—   Donald Miller (via writingquotes)

Foto: Osmar Cabral Jr.


Foto: Osmar Cabral Jr.

Entrevista no programa acontece, com Michelle Diehl, na Tv Pantanal.



“Human beings are absolutely hope-shaped creatures. The way you live now is completely controlled by what you believe about your future.”

—   Timothy Keller (via godmoves)

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everyone needs to see this video at least once in their life


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Are you tempted to become more active on social media?

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